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Welcome to Big Mart where quality standards are maintained by ensuring that each product on the shelf has undergone a set of quality checks. The proud owners of Big Mart where into wholesale grocery business since 40 years and Big Mart is their first supermarket venture and they understand that the secret of successful retailing is all about giving customers what they want and more. Laying the foundation 40 years back have helped Big Mart to introduce products of its own brand. Big Mart takes pride in offering a wide assortment of good quality merchandise.

Big Mart ensures quality standards through regular quality benchmarking tests that are conducted via consumers. We put quality above all standards and choose our suppliers carefully, our supply also comes from the millers, and thus making sure that we reduce the chances of contamination. There is a wide and varied section, displaying fresh products of both international and regional brands.

The supermarket is at an accessible location at kazhakootam and has all conceivable requirements of the consumer under one roof. We take great pride in our commitment to our ethos – “Quality Promised, Specially Packed.”

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